Veterans Services

 veteran and family


The Arlington Employment Center offers priority service for veterans who need career transition assistance.

AEC staff understand the unique challenges faced by Veterans as they transition to the civilian workforce.  We can help you:



  • Conduct a thorough self-assessment to identify skills and abilities marketable and transferrable to the civilian labor market.
  • Use military skills translators available on the web to understand how your skills translate to employer needs and to better understand and use civilian workplace language and terms in your resume and application information.
  • Market yourself from an authentic place – identify what you have enjoyed doing the most and identify targeted positions (or create positions) that are the best match for you – you will be a more impressive and enthusiastic candidate.
  • Conduct career intelligence gathering – learn as much as you can about your targeted employer – is the mission interesting?  What are their challenges and how can you address them?  What does the hiring official want to accomplish by filling this position?
  • Positioning and branding yourself - list your top competencies in your qualification summaries and support why you are in expert in your resume and communications with what you have done and specific examples of how well you have done that work.
  • Strategic targeted networking - identify targeted employers and ask for informational interviews to market yourself directly to hiring officials before the position are announced.  Identify groups of individuals who have your targeted job and network with them.
  • Understand the importance of communicating your accomplishments to employers related to the key skills and characteristics they are seeking to meet their needs – make employers want to hire you.
  • Understand and prepare your resume for applicant screening processes in all sectors – including Applicant Tracking Systems.  Employers know everything about you before you apply.
  • Understand the importance of using social media to exponentially strengthen and expand your job search – this is the future of job seeking.
  • Understand and use federal Veteran hiring preferences.